Consolidated version of the FPR 2010

You can download the new consolidated version of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 below, together with those Practice Directions that have been substantially amended.

These rules are in force from 22 April 2014.

Click here for the new Child Arrangements Programme (PD 12B) and supporting documents and click here for the new Public Law Outline (PD 12A) and supporting documents.

To see the original version including any other images or videos, visit the link above
For more information on the family law reforms see our dedicated web page.

FPR 2010 - 22 April 2014 ?


FPR PD12A - Public Law Outline

FPR PD12B - Child Arrangements Programme

FPR PD12J - Child Arrangements (Domestic Violence)

FPR PD27A - Bundles

FPR PD30A - Appeals

FPR PD36A - Transitional Arrangements

FPR PD37A - Contempt of Court ?

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